Friday, January 13, 2017

Valentine Angel Dress Form

Howdy everyone!  I'm super excited to share my finished angel kit from   This kit was loaded with gorgeousness!

I did a complete tutorial on You Tube that will be attached to this

The colors of this angel consists of pink and ivory tones.   The only thing I used from my own stash is the flat back pearls,  Pink appliques on the wings,  trim on bodice (which I got from CWD a while ago)

Above is a nice picture of the back view.  Next some pictures without the wings:

And now back views:

Here are some close ups of the wings front:

and the back:

This took me some time but I enjoyed every second of creating this beauty!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wonky Valentine Tree

Happy New Year!   I must give a shout out to mynashka and Sonya Stepto for their very inspiring You Tube tutorials!  After watching these ladies I was on a mission to give this a try!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talent!  You inspired me to make a Valentine tree!

This tree was super easy to do and I also made a tutorial! My difference is that I used dowel sticks for the legs.  Next time I think I will add a little weight of some sort inside the toe of the shoe for extra balance. But you can also glue this to a base of some sort.   


This heart was a gold Christmas ornament that I bought at Wal Mart on sale for 48 cents.  I knew immediately I would use it for a Valentine project!  This heart was sanded and primed then I used Rust-Oleum Satin Vintage Blush spray paint.  Tulle trim from  and assorted trims made this Valentine beautiful!
Above is a back view of my tree!   It is lovely all the way around!
I just love her shoes.   mynashka  did a tutorial of how she did her shoes.  She has template for sale for the style of shoe that she created. 
I hope you are inspired to give this kind of tree a try.   Seriously it is very easy to create!  Many ThankYous go out to the ladies I have mentioned and you deserve all the credit for inspiring me.   I love our crafting community! Happy Crafting!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Angel With Lantern

Angel With Lantern

Merry Christmas to all!   I hope each and everyone of you are blessed with health and happiness.  I worked on an angel this week and wanted to share with you all my transformation.

Here is a before picture:

I purchased her at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago.  I immediately had plans for her as soon as I saw her! It was not until this week that I sat and worked on her.  Since my brother in law passed away last week,   my Christmas spirit has been zapped.  I did not put up a tree or bake one single cookie.  Thank goodness I made many things by Thanksgiving and already was decorated somewhat. 
So much of what we have been through the past few months only brought back the intense memories of my own mother.  Thank God crafting helps me cope with each day.
I used many laces and trims to dress this angel from Thank you Chari (owner of CWD) , for  the fabulous DT kit.   I still have so much left to create with. I did do a You Tube tutorial and I will apologize now because it is pretty long. 
At first I thought she would have closed eyes but after talking to my sister I changed my mind and challenged myself giving her opened eyes.
Instead of giving detailed instructions how I created her please see the tutorial.  Thank you. Below is a back view of her. 
When I started to create her I thought of the Scriptures in Matthew 25,  the Parable of the ten virgins.   My girl would have a full lantern.   I found the lantern ornament at Wal Mart and I took it apart and put a tea light in it.  Of course I had to alter the tea light to fit inside but it all worked out!
I wanted to show you a close up of the back of her.  I tied her hair back so her beautiful dress and wings would show!
I'm very happy with the results of  God given talent!
I just want to Thank each and everyone of you who support and visit me.  I appreciate you all. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!
Happy Crafting!!